Local vs. Central HVAC System

Local Heating and Cooling Systems vs. Central

Heating and cooling systems are two of the most important things that many people consider when purchasing a new home. There are basically two types of heating and cooling systems: local and central.

Local Systems

A window air conditioner is an example of a local cooling system. Local heating examples would include fireplaces, wall mounted gas heaters, and portable space heaters.

The advantage of local heating and cooling systems is that they can be easily setup o help control temperatures in small areas.

However, local heating and cooling systems lack energy efficiency. Most newer homes are built with central heating and cooling systems, which deliver heated or cooled air from a central air handling system through a series of ducts.

Central Systems

Central systems can usually be added to older homes as well, and they have many more advantages than local systems.

Since central heating and cooling systems do not rely on openings like windows and fireplace flues, they are much more energy efficient than local systems.

One of the things a central heating and cooling system is really good at is improving indoor air quality. A central humidifier can keep the air in your home from getting to dry in the winter, and a central air conditioner or dehumidifier can keep the humidity under control during hot summer months.

Does the Size of My Heating and Cooling System Really Matter?

Yes… it does. Correct sizing of heating and cooling systems is necessary to get better performance from the air conditioning and furnace. This allows for efficient use of the energy, less wear and tear to the system, and more comfort for you and your family.

Heating and cooling system should be properly sized to achieve all of these points. If your system is undersized or oversized, it produces a less comfortable environment, potential health problems, higher energy costs and more stress on the system itself.

To enjoy a long-lasting HVAC system that operates the way it should, you should really find out if your heating unit is the right fit for your home. If your home is always extra cold or hot, chances are that your heating and cooling unit is not the proper size.

All in all, if you are looking for the best value in a heating and cooling unit, you might want to consider a central heating and cooling system. In addition, central units add strong value and marketability of your home.

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